Which Season Is the Best Time to Plan Your Move?

One of the biggest aspects of moving that people skip on is the peak moving season. We look at the budget, we get quotes, we figure out the ideal companies for us, but we often ignore what time are we moving in. Peak moving season occurs during the summer. 80% of all the moves in US typically take place between April and September. If we look at it simply, the moving season is actually directly correlated to when kids get off school. But, if you are also contemplating when is the best time to move and have the option of adjusting the dates, then here is what you need to know regarding the peak moving seasons:

What is the best time to move?

While we will cover the best seasons to move, we can tell you one thing for sure. Summer is the least ideal time to move. Your entire move will cost a lot lesser if you move during the non-peak months. These months are October through March. Again, if you absolutely cannot help this, then we recommend you either pick the end of the moving season or go at the beginning of it. You can schedule your movers for the early days of April or simply plan a move towards the end of September post the labor day. This will help you get a great deal even if you need to move during the peak season.

Season wise break up

Ultimately, the best time to move will depend on when it suits you the most. But, even so, here is the season-wise break up for picking the best moving season:

– Fall

This is definitely a great time to get packing and moving. Firstly, the weather is favorable for long transports and easy packing. Secondly, you will be able to bag the best deals during this time.

– Winter

Winter is the cheapest time to schedule your move. The demand during this time is the lowest throughout the year. Moving companies also have quite a flexible schedule and if snow is not jamming your area, then we recommend you opt for this season to make the move.

– Spring

You can opt for Spring since the weather is pleasant. However, we still recommend you go for March and April only. After this, the demand gets too heavy and you may have to incur higher costs as well.

– Summer

The only time we recommend summer for people to move is if they have children in school. Since summertime is off, you would not be hampering much with the move of the child. Additionally, you would be able to get them acquainted with their new schedule too.

Best day, week and month

You will be surprised if we tell you that actually there is a good day, week and month to pick as well when it comes to moving. When it comes to the days of the week, our pick is Monday to Thursday. Of course, weekends are busy for obvious reasons. But, if you can manage to squeeze in a leave-in between, then Monday to Thursday is perfect for moving.

If you have to pick a week in the month, then mid-week is another ideal pick for you. Basically, the second or the third week. Logically, most people want to start anew either in the beginning or want to wind up their old schedule at the end of the month. Hence, most packers and movers are terribly busy with their moves at this time.

But, that’s not all. If you really want to have a convenient move, then choose the early hours of the day. When mid-day reckons, it starts to get busy. This involves your traffic, time to unpack and everything. If you are an early bird, then plan out an early-morning move in with accordance to aforementioned time frames for the best time to move.

Some other considerations while choosing the time:

While the aforementioned conditions matter, here are some other considerations you can take while choosing the right time for yourself:

1) Weather:

We have mentioned the aforementioned seasons wherein fall and spring are perhaps the most ideal. However, depending on what area you reside in, you can take a pick. For instance, if you happen to live in snow-capped regions, then you would need to avoid a move in the winter. The treacherous conditions and the heavy lifting can only add to your problems.

2) Work

If your work is getting hampered due to the move, then it is completely worth it to put in a little extra money and move on a weekend instead. Otherwise even the move will bother you and so will your work stress.

3) Family concerns

Simple family concerns like school-age children or a chaotic school year or somebody unwell in the family will also have a factor to play in your decision. So, carefully scrutinize everything and then pick a date.

Pointers to remember for moving in the peak season: Key takeaways

If you are not able to help it and need to move during the peak season, then here are some tips for you. The best approach to adopt during a move is to book your movers well in advance. We would even recommend months in advance if it is possible. It is a no brainer that all the dates and most days would be extremely busy during the peak season. You will find yourself at quite an advantage. Here are some of the best moving tips to ensure that your peak season move is as convenient as possible:

  1. The busiest months of the season for moving include June, July, and August.
  2. The best time to move is always going to be in the midweeks.
  3. While we recommend two months in advance, the latest you should extend your window to pack movers are two weeks in advance. Later than that will take away the scope of flexibility from you.

We hope the aforementioned guide will help you pick the best season and decide the best time to move.


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