Top 10 Moving Tips To Make Your Moving Experience Smoother!

Once you decide to make a move, you start looking for options to make it easier. Right from planning your dates to packing your stuff, there is plenty for you to know in terms of secure packing and moving tips. So, we collated a list of ten lesser-known moving tips to ensure that your move is as easy as ever. When you move, there is plenty for you to keep track of, and you may easily let the small things slip.

We completely understand that it can be a really stressful experience for you. We recommend that you get a trusted name for your packers and movers aboard to make this transit as easy as possible. For you to not feel frazzled and have a stress free experience, here are some expert moving tips for you to keep in mind:

1. Skip on the procrastination

Procrastination is one of the worst enemies when it comes to hassle-free packing. While the entire process can fall in place, getting started is actually one of the biggest challenges that people face. We recommend that you start the process well in advance. Start categorizing the boxes and start on your packing process weeks before. You can start with items that do not make much of a difference to your daily life and would not obstruct your life at the moment. If you keep pacing yourself, you will be a lot more organized, and the job would not turn out to be extremely overwhelming either. Pace yourself so that you are not overwhelmed later.

2. One room at a time- for packing and unpacking

The easiest trick to keep the whole process streamlined is by ensuring you start packing as per rooms. The best way to do this is by putting your living room stuff and label it with a number series such as 100, 101,102- so on and so forth. Discard stuff you want to leave behind. When you start to focus on a single area, you would be able to discard the stuff you do not need and consciously take stuff that matters. You can also start packing and just keep it in the same room so that there is no confusion. If there is small stuff, then we recommend that you pack it in brightly colored zip-top bags with proper labels so that you do not lose it.

3. Do not underestimate labeling

We can repeat this over and over again, but most packers just skip out on curating a proper system in the end. Last minute hassles may just call for some laziness and you will most probably just count on memory. However, we recommend that you have a room wise number series to pack. This helps the movers place the boxes exactly where they need to be. So, when you go to your new house, it would not be much of a problem to set it up.

4. Keep your personal items and valuables separate

The one trick that we ask most people to follow is to act as if there is a weekend trip. Herein, you can prepare luggage with all the essentials that you would need for your trip. This way, you would be able to differentiate between your valuables and your regular stuff. This will include all your jewelry, papers that you require as well as your documents. Remember, that you should pack all of this stuff and they should be in your custody only. Place all the items that you wish to keep with you and let all the crew members know that they are not to be packed. You can include things such as medication, cable boxes amongst others to keep with you in case you require it while making the move.

5. Do not scrimp on the packing paper

Most movers simply prefer to pick regular newspaper and pack their possessions with it. However, it is most ideal to use the right kind of packing paper. A newspaper can bleed into all of your important possessions. It is ideal to use while paper to pack all of your items. During the move, a number of things can happen. Right from rains to liquid spills. It is best to be prepared for all of this by using the right kind of packaging paper so that all your stuff remains protected.

6. Stick to moving boxes

It is most ideal to use boxes that are made particularly for moving. You can choose to obtain boxes from liquor stores or groceries. However, they are not clean and may not even be able to hold your stuff. Additionally, having boxes that do not weight the same may make the entire process really tough. We recommend that you get sets of same-sized boxes so that you do not have any issue while loading them in the truck.

7. Provide your boxes with proper moving protection

It is most recommended to pack as well as unpack all of your breakables over a surface that has proper padding. Another tip is to use really small boxes to pack books. They tend to get really heavy and can become quite troublesome to handle.

8. Take a day off to plan and move

You can plan the entire process for days and even pack a month in advance. Even so, you would be required physically on the day of the move. Do not just count on the packers and the movers to take care of everything as you may have certain priorities that you would need to be sorted in the end.

9. Try taking a good parking spot well in advance

Well, this is quite important too. For your movers to unload your stuff, they would need a convenient spot. So, try talking to the neighbors or owners in advance and get a spot fixed for yourself.

10. Adopt a different strategy for fragile items

Most people choose to go for simple boxes to pack the fragile items. But, we recommend you pack all of your breakable stuff with t-shirts and blankets to provide it an extra layer of protection.

We hope all of the aforementioned tips help you make your moving and packing much easier. This would help you unpack stress-free and start your new life without much of a hassle.


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