12 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving in 2019

Okay, you are still celebrating your new home. All your mortgage issues are sorted, your old hideout is sold off, and now the real challenge is ahead of you. While a new house brings in many amazing opportunities, the biggest task here to endure is packing and moving. You read all of the DIY lists, you considered your local vendors, you also chalked out a plan and yet, some doubts still linger in your mind. So, to clear these doubts, here are the top FAQs about packing and moving that we have curated for you:

1. When is the best time to call a moving company?

Most packing experts recommend you to call a company as early as possible. Even though the actual truck schedule is not assigned well in advance, it is still advisable to give your moving company six weeks to plan out the logistics. The reason for this? Your delivery schedule will be accommodated well and it would not be an issue to plan out your requirements exactly. Almost all moving companies need flexibility with alternate pickups and delivery date requirements, so its best to give them your preferred dates as soon as you are able to.

2. Should I make or ask for an estimate?

You can always ask your moving company for an estimate. However, please remember that an assigned agent would only be able to give you that- an estimate; a ballpark figure. It is difficult for any company or person to give you an exact amount until all the stuff has not been weighed and packed in. Hence, you can ask for an estimate to get a rough going on your budget; but always keep some overhead amount planned out for the same.

3. What do you mean by a binding estimate?

A binding estimate basically entails the cost of the move in advance. This is curated on the basis of requested services which are considered necessary while drawing out the estimate. In case, additional services are required later, then the total cost will increase accordingly. These estimates stay valid for a certain duration which is about 30 days.

4. When is the best time to make a move?

It is a different issue to handle if you need to move immediately. In other cases, most movers and packers recommend that you pick a time other than the summer season or the end of a month. Even at the end of year holidays are very busy for most packers and hence the chances of errors may be a lot higher during this time. (Although this seldom happens with experts). Otherwise, you can base your decisions on the following factors:

  • When the move should be made
  • Weather in the moving location
  • If children’s education or loss of leaves is involved

5. What is the duration involved with moving?

The duration of your move is mainly dependant on what time of the year are you making the move as well as the shipment size. The time required to load all your stuff along with unloading it also plays a role in deciding this time.

6. What do I do in case my move date changes?

If you are not undertaking any DIY packing and moving tasks, then you should call your move coordinator first. Let them accommodate your preferred schedule if possible. However, be ready to have a change in the estimate as well.

7. How do the movers and packers determine the estimate of my stuff?

There is no fixed estimate given for any packing consignment. A binding cost may be given which is valid for 30 days. However, your total cost will include all the costs involved with transportation as well as additional services such as loss or damage costs, shuttle services, etc. Additionally, if you opt for accessorial services such as packing or unpacking, then this will also be included in your tariff rate.

8. Will my belongings be protected against damages?

Your mover and packer would be able to provide you with a basic guarantee. However, there are also additional services such as basic protection and full value protection. If you are making a big move with heavily costed items involved, then we recommend that you opt for the latter.

9. Is there any facility for storing my stuff temporarily?

The answer to this depends on how large scale your mover and packer is. If they have a frequent network for storing your stuff, then you would be able to avail of these services. If you feel such a situation can occur, then we recommend that you talk to them in advance and get an idea about this. Otherwise, they may not be able to accommodate your request in the end and it would be troublesome for you to navigate your belongings at the last moment.

10. What is the most common advice for packing?

The most common advice has to be to pack all your stuff depending on how you have to unpack it. (Based on rooms and kitchen, etc). However, depending on which items you are packing, you can check various sources on the internet to get tips and hacks or even ask your move coordinator.

11. Can my pets be moved?

You cannot move your pets in trucks via roadways. If you are not able to carry them in family cars, then do not worry, there are plenty of ways through which you can transport your pet.

12. What about my valuable jewelry?

All items of extraordinary value which include money, photos, jewelry, and antiques can be a part of your shipment. However, you need to notify your United Agent of all these items before you pack or your move. We still recommend you to carry these items with yourself.

We hope all of the aforementioned questions answer your queries about moving and packing. Even so, we completely understand that you may still be unsure about how to undertake this task. We are always here to help you with your packing and moving needs. Give us a call to get a free estimate: 1-800-316-4032


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