Get, Set, MOVE with this Packing Checklist by Your Side

Packing is perhaps one of the biggest fears of most people. Be it for a two-day hike or a ten-day business trip, getting down to packing can be quite a task. It is also a whole different ballgame when you decide to pack up your entire life in one place and set it up in another. It becomes even more of a hassle for people who want to undertake this humongous task all by themselves. But, fret not. We are here to help you in either of the cases, even if you want to go the DIY way or call on a professional team of packers and movers. So, channelize your affinity to To-do-lists and use the following to ensure your packing and moving is as simple as ever:

Get Your Supplies List Sorted

Let’s come straight to the point, shall we? First things first, you need all of your supplies sorted in one place. If it is scattered, then you would waste a lot of time going to and fro sorting out the same. Here are the important items that you need to keep for your packing supplies:

  • Boxes: Pretty much the most important item you would require. You can purchases these in bulk from any moving company you prefer. You can also approach your local grocery store or your alcohol beverage hangout to get a whole lot of these leftover boxes sorted.
  • Padding: It is crucial to have padding items ready for all fragile items on your list. Starting from bubble wrap to cushion, you can even consider using towels or T-shirts if you do not want to shell out extra on these items.
  • Tape: We recommend you go with the conventional duct tape. In simple words, it is the most reliable packing supply you have by your side.
  • Blankets: This is a slightly offbeat item to keep in your packing supplies. But, in our experience, it has proven to be one of the most useful once. This helps you protect furniture edges and tables from getting unwarranted scratches. Just use simple house blankets which you need to carry with you in any case.

Divide your checklist and boxes room by room for ease later

While it is a good trick to pack all similar items together, we think it is much better to pack your stuff room wise. Before you decide on the checklist for your rooms, make a box for your general requirements on the first three-four days itself. Here is what you can pack under this category:

  1. Hammers
  2. Snacks
  3. Toothbrushes
  4. Drinks
  5. Plastic Utensils
  6. Cups
  7. First Aid Kit
  8. Paper Plates
  9. Medications

Now coming to the room wise segregation, here is what you can do:

For the Kitchen

When it comes to the Kitchen, you can divide your boxes based on the following categories:

  • The refrigerator: This goes without saying, but finish your food at least 72 hours in advance. Defrost the fridge about 48 hours before the move.
  • Glasses and dishes: We recommend you to pack your plates and bowls in one box and glasses with extra padding in another. You can divide them based on how fragile they are and then put them in boxes.
  • Small appliances: Get rid of any sharp blades so that you can store it in plastic or paper. Wrap the tools with cords and seal it with tape to finally cover it in the paper. Then pack it in the box with proper padding.
  • Silverware: For people who have silverware, try keeping original silverware. If you do not have original silverware, pack it in different sets and covers with plastic and paper.
  • Food: If you have easy grocery store access, then we recommend you finish all the food and survive on taking out for a bit. However, for dry and unopened food, carry it in a separate box.

For the Living Room

  • Electronics: Try putting all your electronics back in original packing and seal it with duct tape.
  • Shelves: Including the TV stand, remove the glass, keep it separately and wrap it in blankets.
  • Books, CDs, and DVDs: Try using the 6-month rule. Do not pack what’s not been heard and read in a period longer than that.
  • Rugs: Roll these up and simply wrap them in paper and plastic.
  • Artwork and mirrors: For fragile items, blankets are your best bet.

For the Dining Room

Packing up for the Dining Room is fairly simple. This is what you need to know:

  • Chairs and Tables: Try removing the legs and the leaves. Wrap the remaining in blankets so that the edges don’t cut.
  • Rugs: Roll up the rugs in paper or plastic

For the Bathroom

For the bathroom, keep three boxes. One you would need to keep handy as you move. Second is with all your other toiletries, bathroom towels, etc. You may need to set your bathroom up at the earliest when you get to your new place.

For the Bedrooms:

As for the bedrooms, this is what you would need to keep in place:

  • Jewelry: First things first, remember to pack all of your high-end jewelry safely in any container you want. Keep this with you during the move.
  • Hanging clothes: Your blazers, your gowns, should all be carefully put in wardrobe cartons. You can store all of your hanging garments here and quickly unpack them.
  • Other clothing: For your regular clothes, having boxes labeled with ‘daily clothes’, ‘office wear’, ‘gym wear’ can help you put it all in place.
  • Dressing and furniture: All of your dressing items can be labeled person wise and put in different boxes while the furniture can be detached (if possible) and put together.

Extra tip: Break down the beds and place the bed hardware in different storage bags. Pillows can simply be put in dressers. Remove the mirrors from all the furniture and wrap them in blankets.

Quick tip for laundry room and Garage:

Like most experts, we advised you to pack your stuff room wise. This gives a structure to your packing and makes things much easier. Even so, there is another point we would want you to consider. In case, your new place has a different set up than your current place, then try to pack up things with a perspective of your new place. For instance, if it has more rooms (take 3 for example) than your current house, then divide stuff based on the rooms there. This will help you unpack and set up in a much easier manner.


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