The Best Local Moving Guide to Help You Select The Best Local Movers

One of the most difficult parts of any business is often just starting with the procedure. When you start to plan your move, you would need to start by getting rid of procrastination and also by staying organized during a really chaotic time. You will be organized and be stress-free during the move when you know the following guide:

What to do before you start packing:

1) First things first, make a checklist

As soon as you get a confirmation that you are moving, you should get a moving checklist. When you start with the process, you will come across a lot of tasks. So, if you do not know how to streamline the process, you will just end up stuck in the end. Make a checklist with a probable timeline for all your tasks. For instance, make a list of categories like kitchen utilities, books, etc and set a probable timeline to get started on them.

2) Create a record of your inventory

Before you start to figure out what you need to pack first, we recommend that you make an entire inventory. This will help you understand what are your belongings and how much stuff do you own. You can create a simple spreadsheet or also make a list with the simple pen and paper method. For instance, you can start with how many bedsheets do you own or how much expensive crockery is there to pack. Once you know of your inventory, you would be able to pack all your stuff without much hassle.

3) Get rid of your stuff

Honestly, this is the ideal time for you to figure out how much stuff you own and how much you need to get rid of. Once you realize that you have plenty of stuff in life, you would be able to categorize it in ‘leave behind’ and ‘take with you’ categories. Before you start packing, throw out stuff that you do not need. For instance, your old and tattered clothing would have no place here. You can also recycle books that you do not need. Once this list is made, you can pack stuff with a really fresh mind.

4) Find the right moving company

Now, before we actually get to what you should pack first; let’s start by understanding what you need to pack before moving. Your company is definitely one of the most important categories of your packing and moving, so do not take this lightly. Take a proper estimate and approach two to three companies to get a better-negotiated deal. In order to ensure the most accurate estimate, you wouldn’t want half-packed boxes scattered throughout your home.

What to pack first while moving:

1) Clear off your storage

In our experience, the first things to go should be the ones that are hidden. For example, dig into the garage or get into the walk-in closet to figure what’s been hiding there. These items are not only easy to pack first but you would not require them in your daily lives. So, you can start ticking those off your inventory list.

2) Pack all of your out of season clothes

Out of season clothes are quite easy to pack as well because most likely they may already be inboxes. It is best to keep moving them while making a local move and shuttling between your new house and old house. You may not even need to use these clothes for a lot of months so its best to go ahead and keep them off.

3) China and the crockery should also be packed

We can all agree on one thing. It is highly unlikely that you’d be hosting dinner parties while making a move. This means, your crockery or fancy china can all be backed and kept on the side. Since these are fragile items, you would need to pack them really carefully. Ensure that all the boxes are labeled properly and are not fragile at all. While you are packing all this, remember you may want to even go ahead and pack the other dishes which you rarely ever use. Even your daily utensils can be packed off and you can use disposable items for eating.

4) Picture frames, wall hangings, and artwork

As you move towards packing up your house, you can start with wall hangings. They are tricky to pack and definitely one of the first things you must pack. In all probability, the only use of artwork for you is to decorate your home. So, pack all of the stuff which is going to find a place in your new house. Do not wait for the d-day, otherwise fragile stuff like this is surely going to be broken eventually. Hence, try packing it properly with the perfect coating of blankets and t-shirts so they stay protected.

5) Pack all of your extra linens and towels separately

Another thing that takes a lot of stuff is linens and towels as well. So we recommend that you keep a set that you want to dispose off and use it in your current house till it wears out. Then simply take required sets of linens and towels in an overnight bag. Rest of the linens and towels can be used to pack all of your fragile stuff so that they do not end up breaking.

6) Books should also be packed on priority

If you are a bibliophile, then this is a super important note for you. Ensure that all of your books are packed in advance. You can keep a copy of what you are reading currently with you. However, it is crucial that you prepare yourself to part away from certain books too. Depending on the space you have in the new house, you can decide to clear off your books.

While deciding what to pack first may seem really intimidating, all you need is a little push to get started. Once you know what to do and how to go about the entire process, you would be easily able to pack everything in place and streamline the process better.


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