Auto Moving Guide

While most people know the tricks to pack up their houses, auto moving is an entirely different ball game. When you make a move, you would need to shift your vehicle too, right? If you are confused about how to choose a reliable auto mover in your city, then you have come to the right destination. Here is what you need to do:

Begin by running a proper online search for the car owners in your city

You will find a lot of resourceful online directories where you can get information about many reputed car movers companies in a city. Decide on multiple auto moving companies and ask for free quotes. Also, remember to get a look at their authorization number or license to understand how genuine they are.

Choose as per services, not just the cost

Since there is so much involved during a move, people tend to scram through auto moving costs. However, we recommend that you take moving quotations from ten to fifteen different companies and then compare the services they offer. Do not choose a company just because it offers you extremely low prices. There is a high probability of falling for a scam or even getting mid prices but then falling prey to high hidden costs. Basically, the best trick is to go for mid-priced auto moving companies. Additionally, try to get as much of a heads up on car reviews as possible.

Pick an enclosed car service, especially for luxurious cars

Albeit a little more expensive, an enclosed car carrier provides a lot more security and safety for your car. It is nearly 50% more expensive than a traditional open car carrier. Most cars get transported in open carriers nowadays. It is entirely okay to opt for one if your car is quite old and you are planning to toss it shortly. However, for a luxurious car or an expensive car, we recommend you go for an enclosed car carrier service so it remains protected.

Ask whether the company works with auto terminals or not

It is best to avoid companies that use auto terminals, especially if you do no have time in hands. Most car relocation companies use auto terminals that wait for multiple cars to be taken from one place to another. This may take certain weeks before the trucks actually get filled up enough. In case you need fast shipping- going for an auto terminal company would not work for you.

Demand for a written contract before your car gets taken for the move

Do not merely depend on verbal sales and promises made by car movers. Ask for a written copy of a contract and then read it till all the terms and conditions are met. Find in case any hidden charges are mentioned in the contract. Pay a lot of attention to fine prints before you sign a contract. Also, explain what kind of need you have and the kind of services you expect.

Check if any cancellation fees are involved

Ensure that your car moving company provides you with a reasonable cancellation policy. In case you want to cancel your relocation program, then figure out the costs involved. You do not want to end up penalized just because you had an unforeseen circumstance come in.

Planning to move your own car? Here is what you need to do:

If you are not covering a long distance, then here is how you can save money on a move. Try to make a move with your own car. This will not only reduce the risk but also help on saving the cost of a professional moving company or even the extra cost of a truck. However, this option is not recommended for all-as the distance and the kind of car you are using also matters a lot while making this decision. However, if this plan is on your mind, then here are some tips you can use:

● First things first, find out the right kind of equipment

One of the last things you want is all your stuff moving around in your car. So, to hold them back, invest in a tried and tested equipment. For instance, bungee cords, rope or even straps can be used for typing down the items in a car. Also remember to take bags and plastic bins with you along with an overhead carrier, which can be utilized for fitting more items in the car.

● Place the stuff in a correct manner

One trick to remember while loading up your car is to ensure that all heavy items are placed in the bottom and the lighter items are on top of these items. These heavy items include books, furniture pieces or even rolled up rugs. Light items are your clothing, bedding, perhaps even some of your towels. This will help things in staying intact and nothing will break when you make the move.

● Refill all the gas before your trip starts

A lot of people make a mistake of going with the flow. They treat a car move like an unexpected road trip. However, remember to refuel your car before you start loading it. It is not very pleasant to look for a gas station while you have belongings right behind you.

● Do not obstruct your driving view

Although this is one of the most crucial tips to remember, you may just forget it while trying to fill up all your belongings in the car. You cannot compromise on the view at all. Do not fill stuff in the car which hampers your driving. Keep your view unobstructed and you would not face much of an issue with tackling both- all your stuff and your driving skills.

All in all, these tricks would definitely help you in successfully carrying out your auto moving without much of a hassle. We completely understand that relocating your car can be a big and a little bit of a risky decision. But, with the aforementioned tips, you would be able to make this process a lot safer and easier.


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